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America's Favorite Portable Aquatic Hunting Blind.

Dog in the Blind

Maximize your hunting success and comfort with Duck Dock™, the world's finest portable aquatic hunting blind. Our "glove-able" design and material selection will ensure you many years of fun and easy hunting. With Duck Dock™ you're OVER the water, in the best spot in 1/2 hour.

Duck Dock™ has a spacious 4' X 8' deck that's large enough to comfortably hold three hunters and one good dog. Duck Dock™ is simple to erect, too. Our unique interlocking

design makes it possible for one person to perform a set-up or removal in just 20 or 30 minutes. Every Duck Dock™ is built of aluminum with stainless steel fasteners and you can choose your decking material and camouflage gear.

Duck Dock™ was designed for serious hunters. With its extremely stable shooting platform, you get better shots than from a bouncing boat. And you're not just sitting on the ground like with a field blind. The unique interlocking design makes transporting the system easy -- even in the smallest of boats. The heaviest piece weighs only 20 pounds!

Windsor Camo

If your field blind won't work on our big deck you can get our camouflage system. The walls and roof or our World War II nylon camouflage fabric provide protection from the wind and rain.

Our camo works great as a field blind.

Our camouflage design is a break-through. Windsor Camo is simply pockets sewn into the bottom of the wall panels with straps across the top and mid-point of the walls. Simply cut some of the nearby vegetation and stick it through the straps and into the pockets -- Ideal Concealment! You might want to lay some across our roof panels too. A carry bag is included with the fabric option.

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